TREASURE’s Aegyo Will Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

It’ll brighten up your day!

TREASURE is YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group. Their birth years range from 1999 to just 2005, and it may be for this reason why all members exude cuteness! They showed off their youthful aegyo in an interview with MUPLY when they had to say “be with me” in a cute manner.

Be ready to face their adorable faces below!

1. Jihoon

As the one who unwittingly chose the task, Jihoon was first to act cute. Though he was definitely embarrassed, everyone loved his show!

2. Junkyu

Unlike Jihoon, Junkyu didn’t seem shy at all!

3. Hyunsuk

Hyunsuk was so extra, he even changed the “be with me” lyrics to “Can you be with me?”

4. Jeongwoo

Jeongwoo was as fresh as his aegyo!

5. Asahi

Asahi was the definition of “4D” in his adorable-but-not-really aegyo.

6. Yedam

“God Yedam” should now also be called “Cute Yedam”.

7. Haruto

With Haruto’s deep voice, he was definitely memorable!

8. Doyoung

Doyoung was tough and charming during his turn.

9. Jaehyuk

Jaehyuk’s energy was as high as his adorableness!

10. Junghwan

As the maknae, Junghwan was as good as expected.

11. Yoshi

Yoshi’s “omo” version of aegyo with his purposely high toned voice was perfect for him!

12. Mashiho

And finally, Mashiho—TREASURE’s resident cutie—didn’t disappoint with his aegyo. He brought the mood up by surprising everyone with his sudden Japanese translation of “be with me.”

It was definitely effective at making everyone laugh aloud!

Check out TREASURE’s smile-inducing cute moves below!

Source: YouTube