7 Times TREASURE’s Bang Yedam Was The “Korean Justin Bieber” When He Covered Justin Bieber Songs

#4 is iconic.

TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam has been known for his vocal skills ever since he participated in K-POP STAR Season 2 as a child. Years down the road, he’s now a main vocalist who always impresses with his perfect singing. One artist he often does covers of is Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Even his members call him the “Korean Justin Bieber” because of their uncanny vocal resemblance. Check out some of his best covers below!

1. “Baby”

First up, Yedam was pretty much still a baby when he covered the 2010 hit “Baby,” being only ten years old. Despite his age, he was debut-ready with his strong voice and natural stage presence.

2. “Confident”

Yedam showed off his smooth voice and flow while singing “Confident” (2013). If there’s one thing about him that’s praise-worthy, it’s how relaxed he is while performing!

3. “Cold Water”

Justin Bieber’s 2016 song “Cold Water” was chosen by Yedam as one of his vocal practice songs. The clip was featured in the first episode of YG Treasure Box, and here, the vocal coach was full of praise for him.

Very good. That was amazing…I’ve taught him since he was in 6th grade. He can connect the notes well and he’s a natural with vocal cords.

— Kim Yong Dae

4. “Love Yourself”

In the same survival program, Yedam confidently picked “Love Yourself” (2015) for the one-on-one battle. When his fellow contestants found out about his choice, everyone but Jyunhao hesitated in picking him as their opponent because “[No one] can beat him.”

5. “Mistletoe”

Yedam’s rich voice was perfect for Christmas songs as proven when he sang Justin Bieber’s 2011 track “Mistletoe.”

6. “Intentions”

Yedam can do a variety of genres! While he’s right at home with ballads, he also kills it with more beat-heavy pop songs such as “Intentions” (2020).

7. “Peaches”

Finally, the most recent song Yedam covered was none other than Justin Bieber’s latest hit “Peaches.” In TREASURE Map Episode 50, he knew the lyrics by heart—a feat that the others found praise-worthy considering it’s an all-English song.

That’s TREASURE’s pride, Bang Yedam!