12+ Recent Times TREASURE Blew Us Away With Their Crazy Gorgeous Bare-Faced Visuals

#6 will make you do a double take.

TREASURE has some of the best visuals in the industry! Each of the twelve members look stunning whether they’re wearing makeup or not. As their recent Twitter photos prove, they’re not shy to show off their bare faced visuals—and for good reason.

Check them out below!

1. Junghwan

First up, Junghwan’s skin is so clear, we can’t help but feel a little jealous.

2. Doyoung

Fans can always count on Doyoung to brighten up everyone’s day with a selfie.

3. Hyunsuk

There’s something about Hyunsuk with no makeup on that makes him look cooler than ever.

He’s the beloved rapper of TREASURE!

4. Jihoon

Whether Jihoon is in a playful mood…

…or a laidback one, his photos always come out looking perfect.

5. Mashiho

Mashiho’s cap says “cool” and we have to agree with it 100%.

6. Haruto

Let’s all bow down to Haruto’s clear skin.

7. Jaehyuk

Jaehyuk’s bare face is definitely praise-worthy.

8. Yoshi

Yoshi can make us swoon no matter what he does.

9. Yedam

A sleepy Yedam is an ultra cute one.

10. Junkyu

Masks can’t hide their handsome faces!

11. Jeongwoo

Considering most schools don’t allow their students to wear makeup, we can assume Jeongwoo’s skin really is this great.

12. Asahi

Yes, Asahi’s a visual for a reason!

13. Jaehyuk, Mashiho, Hyunsuk

Lastly, bare faced TREASURE is an endearing TREASURE that we can’t get enough of!

Source: Twitter