These Are The Good Changes That Happen When A K-Pop Group Records A Song Made By Their Own Members, In TREASURE’s Experience

Here are three key examples.

TREASURE recently released the second episode of their YouTube series “The Second Step: Chapter Two Documentary Film.” It showed fans what went on behind the scenes when they prepared for their latest album release.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

It was a unique period even for TREASURE themselves as the members were more involved in the production process. Asahi, for instance, was the main producer of the song “Clap!” which he worked on alongside Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Haruto.

Though they had the guidance of YG Entertainment producer DEE.P, it was the members themselves who primarily worked on the track and were thus in charge of the recording process.

Instead of a company producer giving comments on the singing and rapping of each person, it was mainly Asahi who did so. There was a subtle difference in the way the highly important schedule went as a result.

Check out some examples of this below.

1. Atmosphere

First up, it was a casual recording session because TREASURE was surrounded by each other, their best friends.

More than there being no tension in the recording studio, there was a light and supportive atmosphere. Their “Clap!” session even started with a laugh when Jeongwoo unexpectedly mumbled the first verse.

Jeongwoo, don’t you know the lyrics?

— Haruto

It also helped that Asahi gave praises easily, something the others appreciated.

Asahi: That was good, hyung.

Jihoon: That was good, right? I liked it, too.

2. Experiences

Furthermore, the members could relate to the songwriting process more because they went through the same experiences as their fellow member who wrote it.

When I first made the song, since fans couldn’t chant due to COVID-19 restrictions, I put that clap in so that everyone could do it at the concert. But the restrictions are eased now. It’s good for both though.

— Asahi

3. Meaningfulness

Similarly, “Clap!” became even more meaningful to them because it was written by Asahi and the rap line of TREASURE. Jihoon noted that he felt more invested in the song because of this reason.

Since it’s written by our member, I think I put my heart into it more while singing. It’s full of lyrics that can really comfort people.

— Jihoon

Junkyu agreed with this sentiment, saying, “I think it will comfort not only the listeners, but us, too.”

In the end, “Clap!” was recorded successfully and the final result was one that TREASURE could be proud of!

Source: YouTube


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