TREASURE Was Tasked To Dress Up Like Hyunsuk, And They Had Some Legendary Outfits

Hyunsuk is known for being TREASURE’s fashionista.

TREASURE had a fun-filled day in Episode 32 of TREASURE MAP. The group of 12 was separated into two teams: Team Hyunsuk and Team Junkyu. They needed to live their life like that member for the entire day.

The last task of Team Hyunsuk was to dress up like their fashionista leader and take a mirror selfie in his style. Though only one person was pronounced the winner, they all had memorable looks.

Check them out below!

5. Junghwan

Outfit: Cute turtleneck for color, signature black slacks, purple hoodie, keyring switch

Unfortunately for maknae Junghwan, Hyunsuk declared him last place out of the five participants. He was still able to choose the leader’s signature slacks and hoodie, so it wasn’t a complete failure!

4. Yoshi

Outfit: Matching colored slacks, comfy shirt, flower and pen details

Next up, Yoshi was chosen as fourth place out of five. He paid close attention to the details with his baggy pants and flower accessory.

3. Jeongwoo

Outfit: Cat lover sweater, favorite headphones, matching slacks, black clothes to highlight his necklace

Jeongwoo was in the middle of the rankings at third place. He was praised for having “balanced it out the best” with his monochromatic color scheme.

2. Asahi

Outfit: Peaceminusone branded clothes, slightly visible keyring

It was a close battle, but Asahi ultimately ended up one place away from the top of the podium.

Asahi said that his style “speaks for itself” and Hyunsuk agreed, saying that it’s an attire he usually wears nowadays.

You made it look just like me. And it looks good on Asahi.

— Hyunsuk

1. Yedam

Outfit: Sleeveless shirt, favorite blazer, inner tech-ware, keyring switch

Finally, Yedam was picked as the overall winner of the “dress like Hyunsuk” contest! The leader loved how reminiscent of his past Yedam’s blazer, pants, and overall styling were.

Yedam had a good story to tell. He reminded me of my past.

— Hyunsuk

Best yet, his photo was filled with swag. The filters he used were modern, hip, and cool.

As the winner of the game, Hyunsuk gifted Yedam with his very own sneakers which were paid for out of his own pocket!

Check out the full video below!