Meet TREASURE’s Polar Opposites: Junkyu And Hyunsuk

Their fashion alone is different!

TREASURE MAP Episode 32 highlighted two members out of twelve in TREASURE: Junkyu and Hyunsuk. Despite both being top-notch idols, they’re polar opposites when it comes to their fashion, habits, likes, and dislikes. One is more chill while the other is more energetic.

Hyunsuk (left) and Junkyu (right)

Regardless, they’re both the beloved hyungs of TREASURE! Check out their endearing differences below!

1. Their fashion

First up, their fashion is completely different. Junkyu’s style is simpler and more functional, wearing sweatpants under a plain black padded coat to battle the cold weather.

Hyunsuk, however, doesn’t mind the weather too much and instead opts to dress in a thin but trendy bedazzled blazer.

This jacket is my fashion point. I’m wearing slacks and all black. The black tones down [the jacket].

— Hyunsuk

Junkyu’s accessories are limited edition TREASURE merch…

…while Hyunsuk’s is a large silver necklace.

The older member is known for being TREASURE’s resident fashionista with his unique clothing choices!

2. Their hobbies

When it comes to their hobbies, Junkyu definitely matches his “koala” nickname! He loves sleeping…and sleeping.

I wake up at random times.

— Junkyu

In one random footage taken by Yoshi, the rapper had a difficult time waking him up. Junkyu could only mumble “more minutes” before going back to slumber land.

On the other hand, Hyunsuk spends most of his free time working on music or relaxing with it. He has an organized schedule and he knows what to do with every single minute.

I play my turntable and have coffee to immerse in the emotions.

— Hyunsuk

Moreover, while Junkyu thinks about food nonstop, Hyunsuk’s life is a little more exciting.

I think about what to eat. It takes an hour or two. After having my lunch, I take a nap.

— Junkyu

Hyunsuk claims that his “life is packed with entertainment.” He loves re-watching soccer game highlights while stuck indoors because of the pandemic. Constantly being at home is the hardest part for him as an extrovert.

It’s frustrating to be stuck indoors. I spend more time trying out outfits. I window shop online and unbox stuff.

— Hyunsuk

3. Their sleeping habits

Because Hyunsuk works on music “from evening until dawn”, he tends to sleep less often than most people. He wakes up between 11AM and 12PM, and to him, even the entire 24 hours isn’t enough to work on his songs.

Junkyu, however, wakes up at random times. As long as he has the opportunity to rest a little bit more, he’ll take it! In his eyes, Hyunsuk’s strict schedule is too complicated. He’d much rather stick with being the homebody that he is.

I’ve been in self-quarantine for 20 years.

— Junkyu

Both Hyunsuk and Junkyu are composers, hyung-line, and cute aegyo-filled members. Despite their differences, they’ve been friends for years and they get along exceedingly well!

Check out the full TREASURE Map video for yourselves below!

Source: YouTube


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