10+ Fan Reactions To The Departure Of TREASURE’s Mashiho And Yedam From The Group That Are All Too Real

TEUMEs, how are you holding up?

YG Entertainment announced on November 8 that members Yedam and Mashiho would no longer be part of the group. To the complete shock of their fans, their contracts were terminated out of the blue while they were in the middle of their hiatus.

TEUMEs posted varied reactions online after learning of the saddening news.

Check out some of the most relatable ones below.

1. When fans expressed their gratitude to the two longest trainees

2. When Asahi’s and Haruto’s “Thank You” song matched the situation

3. When they only wanted what’s best for the two members

4. When “OT12” trended for a reason

5. And when “TREASURE IS 12” did so as well

6. When old photos came rising up coincidentally

7. When YG Entertainment started the day with sad news

8. When it was an all too familiar story for YG Entertainment stans

9. When everyone worried about the other members as well

10. When TEUMEs were a mess of emotions

11. When they promised to be by Mashiho’s and Yedam’s sides

12. When they were firm that they will always be part of TREASURE

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