YG Entertainment Announces TREASURE’s Bang Yedam And Mashiho To Take Temporary Hiatus From Activities

The two members will be taking a break.

YG Entertainment has announced TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam and Mashiho will take temporary hiatus from group activities and that the group will be promoting as 10 members.

In a statement shared with Newsen, YG Entertainment shared TREASURE’s plans for the rest of the year. The group is currently preparing their new album, with the goal of making a comeback in the summer. They have already chosen their new title track, and after finishing setting up their choreography and recording schedules, they will film their music video.

YG Entertainment stated they wanted to start the preparation process early due to the big projects that are in the works for the group’s second anniversary. Projects include the group’s Japanese Arena tour and a Korean concert.

However, the news of the group’s second-anniversary promotions also comes with some sad news for TREASURE fans. Bang Yedam and Mashiho will be taking a temporary hiatus from the group’s activities. Bang Yedam will be concentrating on studying music as he wanted to improve his production skills, while Mashiho will spend more time in Japan with his family.

We always strive for the support and growth of our artists while putting their health first. After sufficient discussion with the TREASURE members, we have decided to give the two members more rest so we ask for your understanding and support.

— YG Entertainment

Source: Newsen