Haruto Is The First TREASURE Member To Do A Solo Livestream — Here Are 10 Moments You Need To See

Everyone wants to know #6.

TREASURE‘s Haruto recently held his first-ever solo livestream where he covered topics from comeback spoilers to his family members. Check out 10 important moments below that you might have missed!

1. Answering the age-old question: 5 Asahis or 5-year-old Asahi?

You can’t disagree with his logic.

2. Complimenting his sister like the sweet older brother he is

Sibling goals right here!

3. Establishing his reputation as a trendy fashion king

Haruto’s outfits areย alwaysย on point.

4. Proving once again that he’s a multilingual prodigy

Fans could listen to him say this all day.

5. Refusing to give any information about their next comeback

It’s the effort that counts.

6. Revealing what’s on his bucket list

Who’s ready for a world tour? Haruto is!

7. Beatboxing his way into our hearts

There’s nothing he can’t do.

8. Being asked to cover IU…again

If you saw his first cover, you might know why he feels this way!

9. Revealing which member is becoming skilled at Japanese

Thank you, tutor-nim!

10. The wink to end all winks

It goes right through the heart!

Source: Photo/Harusource