10 Times TREASURE’s Jeongwoo Took Our Breaths Away In Newly Released High School Graduation And Yearbook Photos

He was too cute in #4!

TREASURE‘s Jeongwoo just finished high school!

The 2004-liner attended his graduation from SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul) on February 9. The photos and videos that were released from this day all proved that he looks even more handsome in person!

Check out some of his best photos and videos below.

1. In his yearbook photo

First up, he was charismatic and cool in his yellow uniform as pictured in the school’s yearbook.

2. While laughing at TREASURE

During the graduation ceremony itself, he looked cutest when he was visibly embarrassed by the loud support of his members.

3. As he stood up from his seat

His tall stature was evident when he stood up to head to the stage.

4. In an attempt to attract less attention

Jeongwoo’s cute reaction to the cheers of his hyungs was caught on camera.

5. While taking a photo with a friend

Jeongwoo accepted his diploma beside Yeonkyu, a former YG Treasure Box contestant and current ATBO member.

6. With his classmates

Jeongwoo is the perfect mix of “celebrity” and “boy next door.”

7. When he was the center of attention

All eyes were on him as he walked out the building…and for good reason!

8. While giving an interview

Fans know him as a playful member, but Jeongwoo looked dependable and cool in front of the reporters!

9. In the published photos

The photos of him that were published online emphasized his enviable proportions.

10. While giving a thumbs up

Finally, this candid photo of Jeongwoo was enough to take our breaths away.


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