10+ Times We Totally Understood Why TREASURE’s “JIKJIN” Music Video Is Worth ₩500 Million KRW

No expense was spared.

YG Entertainment knows how to make the most expensive looking music videos! From the high quality, no-green screen MVs of BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK in “Kill This Love” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

…to the Hawaii location shoots of WINNER


…and now to TREASURE‘s luxurious set in “JIKJIN,” they knew how to make their mark.


TREASURE recently released their music video for “JIKJIN,” the title track of their album The Second Step: Chapter One, which was revealed to have cost an astounding ₩500 million KRW (about $418,000 USD) to make.

Check out 10+ moments when we saw why this was so below.

1. When the music video started here

That’s a lot of space and screens for a short scene!

2. When Asahi drove a real Ferrari

It wasn’t just any random car but a Ferrari 488 Pista worth at least $330,000 USD. Renting it couldn’t have come cheap either!

3. When Yoshi drove a real Ferrari

Yoshi also had the same brand and model as Asahi’s car…and it brought out the most spectacular shots as well.

4. When they danced next to supercars

Similarly, few things scream “rich” louder than casually dancing in the middle of several multi-million dollar cars.

5. When they had their own supercars for their solo shots

Jihoon looked expensive as well while singing next to his two cars.

6. When they came out of smoke

CGI? Nope, it’s all real.

7. When Hyunsuk had the coolest room

As he showed in a TMI episode, Hyunsuk was surrounded by monitors, a Playstation, and even an Xbox.

8. When Haruto had his own graffiti room

It’s the little details that make it so eye-catching.

9. When they had their own train

It was large and realistically decorated.

10. When they all had their own solo sets

Everyone gets their time to shine.

11. And when they had several sets of costumes

Finally, they changed their clothes multiple times per dance scene, solo scene, trio scene, and more.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full music video for “JIKJIN” below.

Source: Naver and YouTube