Here Are 12 Hilariously Iconic Moments Of TREASURE’s Junkyu For #OurTreasureJunkyuDay

Try not to laugh at #8.

TREASURE’s Junkyu has soothing honey vocals and precious koala-like visuals. What some people might not know about him, however, is that he’s absolutely hilarious. Check out 12 hysterical and iconic moments of his that will leave you no choice but to stan.

1. The word “Annyeonghaseyo” was never the same after this.

Junkyu invented greeting people after walking into a room after this video of him got over 3M views.

2. He only speaks in tiny.

If you don’t repeat “Kamsa, thank you, okay” to yourself on a regular basis, do you even stan Junkyu?

3. The one Korean who doesn’t really know Korean.

Gomago” isn’t quite “gomawo,” but he’s so adorable, we’ll let it slide.

4. He can suddenly become the Spongebob announcer.

“Two months…later…”

5. He’s an English king.

He always tries his best, okay?

6. His true cuteness emerges when he’s absolutely terrified.

Try not to fall in love with Junkyu challenge: failed.

7. He couldn’t be any funnier introducing his English name.

Kim Simon? Kim David.

8. He’d rather roll his eyes back into his skull than look at Jihoon.

Someone get this boy a career as a comedian because he’s effortlessly hilarious.

9. Asahi mimicking Junkyu is the best thing you’ll see today.

His way of speaking is just so unique and adorable, Asahi can’t help but imitate him.

10. This one speaks for itself.

I didn’t know people could be this unflexible.

11. His height difference with Mashiho is cute AF.

At all costs, please do not separate these two.

12. That time he sang to a fan to make her feel better.

Could he be any more endearing?!