The Reason Why TREASURE Is The Largest Group YG Entertainment Has Ever Debuted

The company and the members shared their thoughts.

TREASURE is currently one of the largest groups actively promoting. Though originally composed of thirteen members, they are now ten: HyunsukJihoonJunkyuYoshiAsahiJaehyukDoyoungHarutoJeongwoo, and Junghwan.

TREASURE | @yg_treasure_official/Instagram

They are the largest group that YG Entertainment has debuted so far. Learn more about why this is so below.

1. According to Yang Hyun Suk

The former CEO of YG Entertainment and the current Head Producer, Yang Hyun Suk, was the one who held the reigns when the lineup for TREASURE was finalized. He was the main judge of the survival program YG Treasure Box (2018-2019) where the group was first formed. The winners were initially separated into two, TREASURE and MAGNUM, which had six to seven members each, similar to the size of their seniors iKON.

TREASURE’s original lineup was composed of Haruto, Junghwan, Junkyu, Jeongwoo, Jaehyuk, Hyunsuk, and former member Bang Yedam.

MAGNUM, on the other hand, was made up of Doyoung, Asahi, Yoshi, Jihoon, and former members Mashiho and Ha Yoonbin.

A few months after this separation was announced, the company released a statement saying that the two groups will be merging. The simple reason was because it was Yang Hyun Suk’s original wish to debut a large group. What held him back was the concern of there being limited lines per member in each song, a matter he addressed by promising to “increase the capacity and importance of each individual.”

This may come as a shock to fans but I initially wanted a 13-member group.

More specifically, we plan to debut the 13 members under the name ‘Treasure 13’ first. The reason we didn’t not select members for ‘Treasure 13’ and split them into two groups was in consideration of our experience with our 7-member group, iKON. When creating a group with over 7 members, the parts of the song that each member can participate in is very small and the fact that they are forced to come down from the stage without being able to sing many lines is a clear disadvantage and limit.

As a result, we plan to increase the capacity and importance of each individual through the group activities of ‘Treasure 13’ and through the separate activities of the two groups.

The greatest benefit of the 7 members who were selected first is the fact that they gain the name “Treasure” and although the two teams will begin on two separate boats, the destination they are heading towards is the same.

— Yang Hyun Suk

TREASURE was originally called Treasure 13 | YG Entertainment

2. According to TREASURE

The older members of TREASURE also touched on this topic three years after their debut in an interview with Diggle. The host noted that their size was the largest out of all the groups that were formed in the company thus far.

YG’s first big group to meet everyone’s liking. From what we’ve seen YG usually forms groups with 4 or 5 people like BLACKPINK or BIGBANG. But you’re a double. Why are there so many?

— MC Jonathan

Co-leader Jihoon answered in a lighthearted manner. According to him, the more members there are, the merrier.

At first, we were in different groups. After the survival show, we were combined…if you combine BLACKPINK and BIGBANG, it’s even better.

— Jihoon

Everyone agreed that having many people together “makes a very charming big group.”

Besides the thoughts of TREASURE and their company, fans can agree that they are so big because each one is too talented to let go of. The members also agree that their chemistry and bond are notably strong.

We’re very close. After the survival, we had a gap for 2 years. We fought a lot and became close after that. Now, other members say, ‘Even after years, I hope the 10 of us stay together.’

— Hyunsuk

TREASURE is currently going strong, recently making a comeback with their title track “BONA BONA.” Check it out below!

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