Here Is What We Know About All 14 Siblings Of TREASURE’s Members

Two of the members have no siblings, and one has three siblings!

Between all 12 members of TREASURE, there are a lot of siblings to learn about! Some of them have been more vocal about their brothers and sisters than others, making information on some of the siblings pretty limited, and it’s possible that there are even some that are still unknown. To date, however, here is about all we know about the 14 siblings of the YG Entertainment group’s members!

1. Hyunsuk


Hyunsuk has a younger sister, and reportedly a younger brother as well! His sister was reportedly born in 2005, making her about 6 years younger than the TREASURE member. Her name isn’t known, but it sounds like the two have a playful relationship, and she’s also a fan of iKON, who she asked Hyunsuk to get an autograph from for her! As for his brother, there isn’t much known about him yet.

2. Jihoon


Jihoon is one of six TREASURE members that has an older brother! He was born in 1997, making him about 3 years older than Jihoon. Unfortunately, this is pretty much all that we know about him so far!

3. Yoshi


Yoshi has the most siblings out of all of TREASURE’s members: three older sisters! Though we haven’t seen them in person yet, one of his sister’s arms could be seen affectionately patting his head in a video once.

He has also said that one of his sisters is a big fan of BIGBANG, and her interest in his now-senior group was part of the reason why he wanted to become a K-Pop idol in the first place!

4. Junkyu

Junkyu is another member of the group that has an older brother. His age and name aren’t known, nor much else about him, but he and Junkyu’s mother appeared in an episode of YG Treasure Box as a surprise for the now-idol, making him emotional with their support.

5. Mashiho


Mashiho is the oldest member of TREASURE that is an only child!

6. Jaehyuk


Jaehyuk is another member of the group with an older brother, and he was born in 1997, making him about 4 years older than the TREASURE member. It sounds like he’s an incredibly smart guy, since he is allegedly studying at the prestigious Seoul National University!

7. Asahi

Asahi is another member of TREASURE that has more than one sister – an older and a younger sister! He hasn’t spoken a lot about them, though he did mention that he got to spend time playing with his younger sibling when he went back home to Japan last year, and that interacting with a small child on TREASURE MAP reminded him of when she was little.

8. Yedam


Yedam is the second member of TREASURE that doesn’t have any siblings!

9. Doyoung


Doyoung is yet another member of the group that has an older brother! However, we were unable to find any information besides that, unfortunately.

10. Haruto

Haruto is the last member of TREASURE with a younger sister. Her name is Airi, and she’s absolutely adorable!

They seem to be extremely close, and she was even seen holding a cute plushie that Haruto gave to her when he was home visiting in Japan.

He’s not afraid to show his love and support for her!

It looks like she’s a talented artist as well.

11. Jeongwoo


Jeongwoo is yet another member of the group with an older brother! His name and age isn’t known, but he seems to be very supportive of Jeongwoo’s career, as he and their parents attended TREASURE’s first concert together.

12. Junghwan


For a while, fans wondered if Junghwan was also an only child, but it sounds like he does have an older brother! Of course, there’s little to nothing else known about him, but it does mean that Junghwan is both the youngest in his family as well as in TREASURE!