10+ Times TREASURE’s Rap Line Stole Our Hearts With Their Unbelievably Sexy & Cool Scenes From The “VolKno” Music Video

Yoshi was on fire!

TREASURE‘s rap line—consisting of Haruto, Hyunsuk, and Yoshi—just dropped the music video of their first official unit song “VolKno.” It was just as explosive as the track itself, filled with fire effects, colorful graphics, and of course, sexy close up shots.

Check out some of the best parts below!

1. When the rap line started the song

There’s something so mesmerizing about their slow and grand entrance.

2. When Haruto’s face filled the screen

His face card never declines!

Haruto | TREASURE/YouTube

3. And when he was sentimental

“Effortlessly Sexy” should be his middle name.

4. When Yoshi brought out his headbang A-game

He made all of our hearts drop.

5. When Hyunsuk “pulled” a truck

Though it was an act, Hyunsuk was a strong guy no one could resist!

6. When Haruto jumped on a tall container

There are few things cooler than a guy who knows how to have fun.

7. And when he was at the center

He gets even more eye-catching when he’s serious about his rapping.

8. When Yoshi hid his face

Yoshi looked like he jumped straight out of a cowboy manga with his scarf covering his face.

Yoshi | TREASURE/YouTube

And when the cloth came down, it was impossible to not catch one’s breath.

9. When Hyunsuk wore grills

Like them or hate them, Hyunsuk’s confidence in his fashion sense is everything!

Hyunsuk | TREASURE/YouTube

10. When the pre-chorus came on

Smoking hot guys came to the focus of the camera one after the other.

11. When they gathered around a table

Their visuals were absolutely captivating.

12. When they confronted each other

Hyunsuk licking his lips was not something our hearts were prepared for.

13. And when everyone was jamming to the beat

And finally, it was memorable to see Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Haruto so confident.

At least one thing is certain: TREASURE wasn’t exaggerating when they called themselves the greatest of all time!

Source: YouTube


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