7 Most Dramatic Scenes From TREASURE’s Web Drama “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship” That Made Our Hearts Stop

“What are you doing?”

TREASURE impressed everyone with their acting skills and comedic timing in their first web drama It’s Okay, That’s Friendship. More serious than previous parodies from YG Entertainment groups, it was the perfect opportunity to prove they can act on a big stage!

The main characters especially killed it with every scene. Check them out below!

1. When they had a grand entrance

Make way, F4, TREASURE’s coming! Asahi, Haruto, Junghwan, Jeongwoo, and Jaehyuk looked fully confident in this runway-like scene.

2. When Jeongwoo was jealous

Two words: Jeongwoo’s smirk. His jealousy at Doyoung getting friendly with his best friend, Jaehyuk, was obvious.

Who knew Jeongwoo could act the bad boy role so perfectly?

Jeongwoo: Are you that close to the new kid?

Jaehyuk: Doyoung-ie?

Jeongwoo: Already by his first name?

3. When the banana milk took the brunt of Jeongwoo’s feelings

You could practically feel Jeongwoo’s jealousy when he pierced through the banana milk plastic upon seeing Doyoung and Jaehyuk together!

4. When Jeongwoo confessed

When Jeongwoo said, “I can’t see you with another guy”, everyone felt that.

5. When Haruto pulled Junkyu’s chair closer

Haruto was the definition of hot-and-cold with Junkyu. Though he complained about Junkyu to the point where he said he’d sit somewhere else, Haruto actually didn’t want him to leave.

I don’t want you to. It’s amusing with you here.

— Haruto

6. When Junkyu was popular

Junkyu was the star of the Junghwan-Junkyu-Haruto love triangle. Both of them wanted him on their team even if he was slow at dodgeball, but Haruto was the winner in the end.

Haruto: He’s mine.

Junghwan: That’s too bad, he’s on my team.

7. When the confrontation happened

Finally, the highlight of the show was when Haruto had a face-off with Junghwan after the latter aimed a ball straight at Junkyu.

Haruto: What are you doing?

Junghwan: What? Wasn’t that supposed to happen? Ah…are you above everyone?

Haruto: You’d better watch your mouth.

You could almost taste the tension in the room!


TREASURE definitely proved they can act!