TREASURE Showed Off Their Acting Skills In “TREASURE MAP”—And They All Have Potential

They’re the next actors you should look out for!

TREASURE ventured into acting for the first time as a group in Episode 35 of TREASURE MAP. Though only a few members have acting experience, all of them had noteworthy skills.

Check out some of their best scenes below!

1. Mashiho

First up, Mashiho used his cuteness in the best way possible by making SECHSKIES guess his “Buy me something” expression.

2. Doyoung

Doyoung awed everyone when he went from smiling in one second to acting like a psycho in another.

3. Jaehyuk

Jaehyuk embarrassed himself when he said a cheesy, “I can’t see you with another guy” line, but he killed it!

4. Junkyu

When Junkyu acted out the same words as Jaehyuk, he, too, received thunderous applause!

5. Jihoon

Jihoon made everyone feel like they were outdoors when he successfully pretended to be caught in the rain with a faulty umbrella.

6. Yedam

Yedam had a romantic scene with Jaehyuk when they copied the drama Extraordinary You. It culminated in a hug that made everyone scream!

Please remember. Remember the name you gave me.

— Yedam

7. Junghwan

Junghwan may be the group’s maknae, but he succeeded in being a confident crown prince during the audition!

8. Hyunsuk

Like Jihoon, Hyunsuk also picked the card that asked him to pretend to have a broken umbrella in the rain. He chose a different approach by calling his mom for help!

9. Yoshi

Yoshi was one of three people SECHSKIES’s Suwon found interesting. Part of the reason why is because he had funny acting choices, such as crouching down like a servant in a historical K-Drama when he was supposed to be a soldier in Descendants of the Sun.

10. Haruto

Haruto made a similar scrunched-up expression as Asahi, but it was easier to guess for Jiwon and Suwon: “I’m going to kill you.”

11. Jeongwoo

Though Jeongwoo wasn’t fully satisfied with himself, he was still able to cry in front of everyone and later even pretend he was escaping a trap through a parachute.

12. Asahi

Finally, Asahi had the most out-of-place acting since he totally disregarded his image! The editors even blurred out the lower half of his face to give him some dignity post-filming. Jiwon could only guess, “I saw the devil!” instead of the correct answer, “Give it a rest.”

No matter what, TREASURE gave it their all in acting!


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