Try Not To Laugh At Red Velvet Yeri’s Top 8 Most Hilarious Moments

#5 is typical Yeri.

Whether on purpose or not, Red Velvet’s Yeri is a total goofball. From being a klutz to saying the silliest things, everything she does ends in laughter. Here are her top 8 funniest moments that will have you wheezing.

1. When she fell in love with the European man.

She definitely wasn’t shy…like, at all.

Her members’ reactions say it all.

2. Her hilarious reactions on Law Of The Jungle.

Her confrontation with the snake will leave you in tears.

Saltwater up the nose has gotta hurt.

3. “What does SM water taste like?”

Yeri: “SM water tastes like water.”

4. When she had a little mix-up.

Red Velvet leaves the stage, almost forgetting their trophy.

…But not before Yeri grabs TWICE’s trophy. Oops.

5. Casually having a conversation with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in Rosé’s IG live.

Don’t even worry, guys. It’s not like Rosé was trying to talk to fans or anything.

6. This doesn’t need a caption.

But he may need some ice.

7. Yeri can speak any language.

…if she hears someone else speak it first.

8. When Joy helped Yeri lower the mic because she’s tiny.

Small human, big heart.

Source: Twitter

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