Trying To Name Your Airpods? TXT’s Taehyun Got You Covered

We present to you, the naming master.

During his most recent Weverse visit, TXT‘s Taehyun charmed MOAs with his witty sense of humor — as he helped them with naming their in-ear headphones. Check out 8 of his funniest responses to MOAs’ requests!


1. Last Name Guil

MOA: Taehyun oppa, my last name is Gil. Can you name my AirPods using my last name please?
Taehyun: In hopes of your AirPods being strong enough to protect themselves from strangers, I suggest Guillotine Choke.


2. Takoyaki’s Best Friend

MOA: Oppa, my nickname is takoyaki. Please help me name my Galaxy buds!
Taehyun: Katsuobushi.


3. Hard Pass

MOA: My name is Jung Woo Joo*, name my AirPods please?
*woojoo in Korean is 우주 meaning the space / galaxy.
Taehyun: Your name is Galaxy but you use an Apple phone?


4. Progressive Pods

MOA: Taehyun, I have the syllable ‘Young’ in my name. Could you please name my AirPods?
Taehyun: Young and wild and free.


5. Frozen

MOA: Hehe, Taehyun. Please name my earphones too! My name is An Na (blank).
Taehyun: El Sa (blank).


6. The Handsomest Pods of Them All

MOA: Hi Taehyun, my last name is Jo. Can you please give my pods a kick ass name?
Taehyun: Jo In Sung.


7. Hopeful Thinking

MOA: I want my earphones named too! I’m an athlete and my last name is Park. Please give my earphones a good name!
Taehyun: Park Ji Sung, for good luck.


8. For Good Audio

MOA: I’m a Yoo. Please name mine…
Taehyun: Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, so the lives sound better.


Bonus. 💯

MOA: Taehyun oppa, what should I name my dog? We’re the Ha family.
Taehyun: Ha-rd Drive, so the training gets saved.

Source: THEQOO