Here Are 12+ Best Tweet Reactions To NCT DREAM’s “Hot Sauce” Music Video

Did you feel the heat?

NCT DREAM is back with a new single, and this time, things are getting spicy! Alongside their first studio album Hot Sauce and the music video for their single of the same name!

The video is hot, energetic, and full of charisma! Here are 12+ best tweet reactions to NCT DREAM’s comeback.

1. They grow up so fast!

2. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

3. Looking this good should not be allowed!

4. NCTzens might need some time to get over this high note.

5. Everyone needs some Disney in their life!

6. Is there no end to Jisung’s power?

7. Remember, don’t drink hot sauce!

8. No explanation is needed for this.

9. Somebody has got some explaining to do!

10. They’re definitely living up to the spicy concept.

11. We stan a group with a solid line distribution.

12. Can someone contact the best brand and get NCT DREAM a sponsorship!

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