Here Are 18+ Of The Best Tweet Reactions To SuperM’s “We DO” Music Video

Something super has arrived!

SuperM is back and better than ever with their new song, “We Do!” The song has been released as part of SuperM’s collaboration with Prudential Corporation Asia for a health and wellness campaign.

Fans are expressing their excitement across social media over the new upbeat track! Here are 18+ of the best tweet reactions to SuperM’s “We Do” music video:

1. It was off to a great start!

2. Iconic duo.

3. Ten killed it!

4. Taeyong serving visuals.

5. Lucas and his duality!

6. The way each member complements each other.

7. Anthem for the year!

8. Everything about Mark in this video… *chef’s kiss*

9. Going to try to learn the choreography now…

10. Taeyong’s voice!

11. Ten continues to amaze.

12. Taeyong and Baekhyun together creates magic.

13. We love them all so much.

14. Mark Lee as the center!

15. Baekhyun’s voice hits different.

16. All the visuals though.

17. Legend.

18. It all comes full circle!

Watch SuperM’s “We Do” music video below:

Source: SMTOWN and @superm