10 Tweets That Prove ARMYs Are Losing Their Minds Over BTS’s RM Confirming He’s 6 Feet Tall

ARMY Twitter is going wild over this news!

ARMY has suspected that BTS’s RM is 6 feet tall for years, and they’ve finally gotten confirmation from RM himself!

BTS’s RM | @borahaemybts_/Twitter

RM confirmed his height in a recent YouTube video from Vanity Fair, and fans have been freaking out ever since! Here are 10 of ARMY’s best tweets about RM being 6 feet tall!

1. This ARMY who has video receipts that RM is very tall

2. This ARMY who raised their standards after RM’s revelation

3. This ARMY who always suspected RM was 6 feet tall but still had their mind blown by RM himself confirming it

4. This ARMY who needs an explanation of how RM fit all 6 feet of himself into this tiny sled

5. This ARMY who can finally get some rest now that the mystery’s been solved

6. This ARMY whose life just got spicier

7. This conspiracy theorist ARMY who has finally been proven right

8. This ARMY who thinks RM is even taller than he says he is

9. This ARMY who doesn’t know how to move on from RM revealing he’s 6 feet tall

10. This ARMY who loses their mind all over again when they remember RM’s height