BTS’s RM Reveals What He Thinks Is His Best Feature And Why It’s His Favorite

Can you guess what it is?

BTS‘s RM is incredibly charming for many reasons, and he just revealed which of his features he thinks is the best!

RM | @rmnewsdata/Twitter

BTS recently put their knowledge of each other to the test in Vanity Fair‘s new video “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?,” and RM asked the other members to guess which of his features he liked the most.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Just like ARMYs, the other BTS members had a hard time deciding which one of RM’s features was the best. Jimin said “there’s so many,” and we definitely agree!

Jin guessed that RM’s favorite feature was his “hot body.” 

RM said Jin was “close,” but that wasn’t the right answer.

Suga guessed that RM likes his “body proportion” best, and RM told him the real answer was similar to his guess.

Finally, J-Hope guessed the right answer, which was RM’s height!

After revealing that J-Hope got the question right, RM explained that he’s 6 feet tall (180 cm). He also explained that his height was the “one great advantage” he has over the other BTS members, which made it his favorite feature.

Although we love all of RM’s features, it’s good to know which one is his favorite!

See the full “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?” video below.