Here’s 10+ Tweets That Show That Steven Yeun May Not Have Won An Oscar But He Won Our Hearts

We’re so proud of Steven Yeun!

No matter who won last night at The 93rd Academy Awards, Minari had already made history with its six nominationsSteven Yeun received a nomination for Best Actor and Yuh Jung Youn for Best Actress In A Supporting Role, making them the first Koreans to ever receive acting award nominations from The Academy.

Last night, Yuh Jung Youn continued to make history by becoming the first Korean actress to receive an Oscar. Unfortunately, Steven Yeun lost Best Actor to Anthony Hopkins for his role in The Father. Despite this, Yeun continually won our hearts throughout the evening.

Here are 10+ tweets that show that Steven Yeun may not have won an Oscar, but he surely did win our hearts:

1. Steven Yeun making history wherever he goes

2. To say we’re proud is an understatement.

3. Iconic duo

4. He wins by simply existing.

5. His duality

6. He lives rent-free in our brain.

7. Cast him in everything, please.

8. He needed more screentime as always.

9. Cultural icon

10. He deserves the world.

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