Here Is TWICE Chaeyoung’s Gorgeous Hair Color Evolution Over The Years

Chaeyoung is known for her stellar visuals that shine no matter what!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is an absolute queen, who’s well-known among fans to love experimenting with her looks! Over the years, Chaeyoung has tried out a bunch of haircuts and colors, slaying each one with her own personal style! Let’s take a look at her hair color evolution over the years, and appreciate her stunning visuals as she’s grown from a baby to lady!



2. “Like OOH-AAH”


3. “Cheer Up”


4. “TT”




6. “Signal”


7. “One More Time”


8. “Likey”


9. “Heart Shaker”


10. “Candy Pop”


11. “What Is Love”


12. “Wake Me Up”


13. “Dance The Night Away”


14. “BDZ”


15. “Yes Or Yes”


16. “The Best Thing I Ever Did”


17. “Fancy”


18. “Happy Happy”/ “Breakthrough”


19. “Feel Special”


20. “Fake And True”