4 Reasons Why TWICE’s Chaeyoung Is An Inspiration To Others, In Celebration Of Her Birthday

ONCEs are lucky to have her 💕

TWICE‘s lovely rapper Chaeyoung is celebrating her birthday today, so what better time than now to shower her with love and appreciation?

With that in mind, here are four reasons why she is worthy to be looked up to by many people!

1. She’s proud to be herself

Chaeyoung’s fun and colorful sense of style has been on the receiving end of unfair criticism from some netizens, but that doesn’t stop her from being herself. She stands tall and proud everywhere she goes, which makes her an inspiration to others.

2. She’s incredibly talented

TWICE wouldn’t be the same without Chaeyoung. Although she is in charge of rapping, she also boasts a beautiful voice and top notch dance skills. It’s rare to be as talented as she is!

3. She’s extremely kindhearted

There doesn’t seem to be a single mean bone in Chaeyoung’s body! There are too many instances to count, but a recent, simple one is when she whispered the answer to a game question to maknae Tzuyu.

She could have easily taken the credit for herself, but she instead chose to make Tzuyu happy and let her shine. She’s definitely one of the most selfless people out there!

4. She’s remarkably beautiful

Of course, it’s impossible to leave out how gorgeous Chaeyoung is! She’s beautiful both inside and out, whether she’s wearing makeup…

…or none at all.

It’s nearly impossible to look away from her. If anyone is looking for an angel on earth, then Chaeyoung fits the bill.

Happy birthday, Chaeyoung! The world wouldn’t be the same without you.