Just 10+ Of TWICE Chaeyoung’s Most Iconic Looks That You MUST See

She pulls off #3 like no other.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung has had some eccentric looks over the years. From glam and fierce to casual and sporty, here are 10+ of her most iconic outfits.

1. This floral romper and sleek bob is the definition of chic.

2. Would this list even matter if it didn’t have the “Fancy” two-piece?

3. This all-white look will make any Chaeyoung stan yell “Step on me!”

4. Her skin is glowing in this silky number.

5. Is that a daffodil, or just Chaeyoung?

6. Nautical-meets-Korean-fashion vibes.

7. Bonus points if your scrunchie matches your outfit like hers does!

8. Oof. 🔥

9. A pinstripe suit is classic.

10. She can slay any black lace dress.

11. A little shoulder never hurt anyone (besides ONCE).

12. She’s a true porcelain doll.

13. Even in a casual outfit, she totally kills it!