Here’s What Each TWICE Member’s Favorite Colors Say About Them

How wild is this, ONCEs?

TWICE members have shown us so many sides of themselves since their debut in 2016, we can’t help but wonder…do their favorite colors match with their personalities?

So we took some time and investigated. Here’s what we uncovered:

1. Jihyo – Red

Jihyo has noted that her favorite color is red, and we believe it suits her perfectly.

Red is considered a passionate and energetic color, and has long been associated with energy, power and courage. Many believe that wearing red can give the wearer strength and fortitude.

After Jihyo having spent such a long period training and could still come out of that experience with a positive mindset and passionate energy deeply reflects the traits associated with red.

2. Nayeon – Beige (Yellow), Sky Blue, and Khaki (Brown)

Nayeon has stated numerous times that she has three favorite colors, and we believe those blends of colors fit her personality so well.

Beige, which can come in an off-yellow form, is a color that reflects optimism, cheerfulness and vitality. Blue, meanwhile, is usually connected with stability, steadfastness and often used as a symbol of tranquility. Khaki, which is usually an off-brown color, has ties to richness and warmth, and comfort and durability.

Nayeon is definitely all of those things and more!

3. Jeongyeon – Black and Purple

Jeongyeon goes a bit in a different direction and chooses two dark colors on the spectrum for her favorite ones.

Though we believe that she couldn’t have picked better colors once we found out what they represent.

Black is considered to be cool and balanced, with crisp and sophisticated connotations. It is also used to convey a sense of depth and mystery. Purple usually is used to reflect that something is dignified, mysterious and sophisticated.

With Jeongyeon’s new look and “mysterious 1940s starlet” image she is going for, we think these colors suit her personality perfectly!

4. Momo – Pink

We were tickled pink when we saw what color Momo picked!

Pink generally represents sweetness and sensitivity, and is used as a sign of health and vibrancy. It can also stand for faith and fidelity, as it is commonly used to demonstrate steadfast friendship.

Momo definitely has all those traits in spades, when it comes to both her relationship with her members and ONCEs!

5. Sana – Pink, Black, Beige (Yellow), and White

Since most of Sana’s favorite colors are also shared by a few of her members, we’ll focus more on her “white” traits since she’s the first to pick this color!

White is used to represent something that is clean, crisp and pure. It is also associated with newness, innocence and purity.

Ever since we took note of Sana once she became Ms. “sha sha sha”, we definitely think she embodies these traits to a T!

6. Mina – Purple

Like Jeongyeon, Mina has chosen purple as her favorite color, and we can see why!

With purple’s ties with royalty and magic, it’s no wonder that Mina (who herself looks like royalty) loves such a color.

7. Dahyun – Red, Pink, and White

Picking the same favorite colors and Jihyo, Momo, and Sana, Dahyun surprises us by actually embodying all the traits associated with those colors!

To be insanely energetic (red), sweet (pink), and innocent image (white), Dahyun is definitely the mood-making queen of the color wheel!

8. Chaeyoung – Black and Purple

Chaeyoung, like Jeongyeon went for two darker colors, and also embodies those traits associated with those colors.

What a surprise since one wouldn’t think that both girls could share similar attributes since they have wildly different images in the group!

Chaeyoung, as she’s older, has definitely embraced the cool, sophisticated artist image (black) while also adding an element of mystery (purple) to how she wants to develop as an artist.

9. Tzuyu – Indigo (Purple)

Tzuyu definitely embodies the traits of purple, not only due to her Queenly like visuals, but because she is someone who inspires awareness and sensitivity while also tapping into the unconscious.

A true Disney Princess!

Overall, we were completely surprised by how well TWICE’s personalities matched up to their favorite colors.

Who knew that favorite colors and personality traits were so intertwined?