5+ Jaw-Dropping Styles TWICE’s Dahyun Rocks In “Yes, I Am Dahyun” Photobook

Several are new to her!

The latest behind the scenes video for TWICE Dahyun‘s “Yes, I Am Dahyun” photobook has been released, and it’s every bit as breathtaking as the previous ones!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @TWICE/YouTube

Similar to the others, this video showed Dahyun dressed in a variety of outfits, each one a different concept. Check out the six styles she tried out below.

1. Elegant

A photobook isn’t complete without clothes that enhance the person’s innate elegance. Here, Dahyun proves that it’s a concept that was made for her!

2. Casual

Matching her bright and bubbly personality are these casual sweaters, which look cozier than ever on her.

3. Chic

Next, Dahyun brings a new level to “chic” in these stylish pieces.

4. Sultry

The “SCIENTIST” singer rocks cute concepts all the time, but this powerful and sultry style doesn’t come by often!

5. Vintage

Dahyun brings fans way back in time in this vintage-inspired concept.

6. Glamorous

Last but not the least, she looks undeniably posh and glamorous in this fur coat and fitted dress. Beautiful, to say the least!

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Source: YouTube