TWICE’s Dahyun Goes From Sweet And Innocent To Smoking Hot In New “Yes, I Am Dahyun” Video

It’s finally here 😍

You’ve seen “Yes, I Am Sana” and “Yes, I Am Jihyo,” now get ready for “Yes, I Am Dahyun!”

TWICE’s Dahyun

The rapper of the group is finally releasing her solo photobook, and it looks nothing short of amazing. A video compiling short clips of the photoshoots was recently released on the TWICE YouTube channel for fans to enjoy.

In the video, Dahyun tries out a variety of concepts, from pure and innocent…

…to elegant…



…and finally, sexy.

No matter what the concept, Dahyun pulls it off with ease! Her natural beauty and ease in front of the camera add to the charm of the pictures.

Treat your eyes to the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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