10+ Unedited Photos Showing What TWICE’s Dahyun Actually Looks Like IRL

#5 shows her true visuals.

TWICE‘s Dahyun is absolutely stunning on screen, but did you know she’s even more gorgeous in person? Check out these fantaken photos and videos below that show her true visuals IRL!

1. This is how it feels to walk by her in person!

2. Only the luckiest fans can get this close at a TWICE concert.

3. Her figure is unreal!

4. Her flawless skin glows even when she’s performing.

5. Imagine meeting her like this!

6. Without any editing, she’s flawless.

7. Even in fantaken photos, she shines.

8. She looks like a doll in person.

9. Being this close would be a dream.

10. She’s a true angel!

11. On her way to work, she’s all smiles when she sees fans.

12. We all want this eye contact moment!

13. Her visuals are unmatched.

14. No makeup? No problem!

15. Who wants to be face-to-face with Dahyun during a fansign event? 🙋‍♀️

16. She’s absolutely stunning.

17. Blonde is her color.

18. We can’t wait to see TWICE on their upcoming tour and get more moments like this!

19. Dahyun in all her unedited glory!