12 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Proved She Has One Of The Most Gorgeous Side Profiles In K-Pop

Her pointed nose makes her look like a cartoon princess.

TWICE’s Dahyun has beautiful visuals. From her sharp nose to her delicate profile, her features are fairy-like! Take a look at these 12 times she earned her spot as one the idols in K-Pop with the most stunning side profile.

1. Is this a drama, or just Dahyun?

2. The angle of her tall nose is incredible!

3. She’s a natural beauty.

4. The perfect acute angle!

5. Even with no makeup, her visuals are just as stunning.

6. Barefaced beauty!

7. Netizens love her features.

8. She looks like an ice princess.

9. So cute, yet so pretty!

10. Her smile could light up a room.

11. When she pulls back her hair like this, it emphasizes her gorgeous features.

12. Dahyun’s nose > Everything!