3 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Had The Worst Luck Possible In “YES or NO”

1. She had to wear painful slides

Unfortunately for TWICE‘s Dahyun, she couldn’t catch a break in the first episode of TIME TO TWICE‘s “YES or NO.” From start of the episode until the end, Dahyun unluckily kept choosing the wrong options!

Here are three reasons why she had the worst luck in the group that day.

1. She had to wear painful slides

The first main challenge of the day was to pick between “yes” or “no.” Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Sana, the members who picked “yes,” were made to wear a pair of pressure point slides as they walked.

This proved to be both painful and uncomfortable for the girls. Although they continued to flash bright smiles, they also staggered slightly every now and then.

2. She had to dribble a ball with the slides still on

This time, Dahyun picked the worst option out of them all. The winners of this round were allowed to sit and rest, while Dahyun had to dribble a ball around the area while continuing to wear the painful slides.

By the end of it, she clearly looked exhausted.

3. She had to walk instead of ride a bicycle

Last but not the least, the lucky members of this round picked a wheel instead of a shoe. The wheel symbolized a bike, while the shoe symbolized walking.

Thankfully, Dahyun was allowed to remove the painful slides, so this “punishment” was the least difficult of them all.

Watch Dahyun endure the worst luck in the full episode below.

Source: TWICE