Here Are 10 Oddly Satisfying Moments TWICE Was Perfectly In Sync

#3 will leave you shook.

TWICE‘s dance skills are so addicting to watch, they’re almost hypnotizing. Check out 10 times they were so in sync, it will leave you in awe!

1. It’s so addicting to watch as each member joins in.

You can’t just watch it once!

2. There’s something mesmerizing about their hair flips being at the same exact time.

Not to mention everything else!

3. They’re so in sync here, you might not even see Sana.

She’s directly behind Chaeyoung! Their movements happen at he same time, camouflaging her perfectly.

4. This move is satisfying to watch over and over.

Follow each member with your eyes and see that there are no differences between them!

5. They each hit every single beat.

The girls killed this move!

6. Their domino effect is incredible.

Can we get an instant replay?

7. TWICE clearly has no dance holes!

Every member slays the stage.

8. Since the beginning, they’ve all been talented.

Their hard work shows through their epic performances.

9. Have you ever seen body waves so smooth?

Plus, they’re perfectly in sync.

10. In conclusion, nobody can resist TWICE’s charms.

One look at their dance skills and it’s over!