10+ Of The Absolute Best “TWICE But Everyone Is” Memes

These are spot-on!

ONCE is a hilarious fandom, and they couldn’t resist joining in on the “but everyone is” meme trend by creating their own “TWICE but everyone is” memes!


To follow this meme format, fans post photos to represent each member’s overall vibe. The photos can be of anything, from cats, to dogs, to other memes, to the members themselves.

Here’s a look at some of ONCE’s most hilarious “TWICE but everyone is” memes!

1. Everyone as Boo

As Momo‘s dog, Boo is more than qualified to pose as the TWICE members!

2. Everyone as cats

This one is way too accurate!

3. Everyone as Sana

These pictures of Sana perfectly capture each member’s vibe!

4. Everyone as Dahyun

Throwback to that time people couldn’t tell if Mina, Dahyun, or Tzuyu took a black and white photo in the snow!

5. Everyone as Little Mix

Okay, we need this crossover now!

6. Everyone as Jeongyeon

The Sana one is scarily accurate!

7. Everyone as Chaeyoung

Yes to all of these!

8. Everyone as Tzuyu

These are all such good choices, especially the unnie line photos!

9. Everyone as Park Jin Young

This one literally has us screaming!

10. Everyone as Nayeon

Of course, TWICE’s resident selfie queen has lots of great options to choose from for each member!

11. Everyone as Jihyo

This one is entirely too accurate!

12. Everyone as Momo

How does she look like some of the other members in these photos?!

13. Everyone as Mina

The Nayeon one, in particular, is super accurate!