20 Real Tweets From Fans Whose Lives Were Changed By TWICE

TWICE inspired these ONCEs in major ways.

Over the past three years, TWICE‘s music and lovable members have brightened the lives of millions of fans. Many ONCEs have credited TWICE with helping them get through their toughest times and encouraging them to live life to the fullest. 


1. “You inspired me to become a better version of myself.”


2. “Y’all inspired me to work hard and do the best I can.”


3. “Momo’s motto in life is my motto.”


4. “They made me happier…”


5. “TWICE made me love a culture I didn’t know I could even connect with.”


6. “They became my guiding light during obstacles…”


7. “You’re my power…”


8.  “TWICE saved my life.”


9. “TWICE helped me indirectly, so I could finish developing the new me, which is who I am now. ”


10. “TWICE changed my life, I’ve been sober for like two weeks?”


11. “TWICE helped me get higher grades.”


12. “They told us to overcome our difficulties.”


13. “Because of them, I was able to graduate last year.”


14. “They stopped me from ending it all and I’m so grateful.”


15. “TWICE helped me so much and made me so happy during my darkest of days.”


16. “TWICE helped me get through rough times because their music isn’t triggering…”


17. “TWICE helped me improve my creative voice…”


18. “TWICE helped me fight off my depression.”


19. “Tzuyu inspired me to embrace my tan skin.”


20. “TWICE is honestly one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”