These 15 Aesthetic Outfits Prove TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is A Fashion Inspiration

Trendsetting queen!

Here’s your next style icon — TWICE’s Jeongyeon! Check out some of her best casual fashion looks below that will inspire your next ‘fit.

1. She knows how to layer her outfits.

Plaid sleeves sticking out of her coat, gym socks pulled over her pant legs, it’s all just– *chef’s kiss.*

2. She isn’t afraid to class it up.

The CEO Jeongyeon vibes are strong in this matching set. The floral print and GUCCI belt provide the perfect finishing touches to this chic look.

3. The intricate details make everything even more impressive.

She pairs a cozy orange sweater with a stiff shirt’s blue-collar sticking out — A true contrast in every sense of the word.

4. Her outfits consist of things you probably never thought of putting together.

Jeongyeon takes fashion to the next level by pushing the boundaries like she did here with a blazer and spandex shorts.

5. She sticks to a theme.

Choosing only pieces in black or dark gray, she creates a cohesive look.

6. Alternatively, just go for all one color.

Solid black is so “Jeongyeon,” but white or beige are good options as well.

7. She doesn’t stick to one style and tries tons of inspired looks.

The gothic street style influence is noted and appreciated.

8. “Accessorize” is her middle name.

Check out the combo of her badass cross earrings and belt with silver grommets.

9. Think outside the box.

Edgy Jeongyeon doesn’t typically reach for overalls, but she made it her own with some chunky sandals and a trendy bag.

10. When she’s casual, she’s still cute.

Joggers and sneakers are super convenient for airports (and absolutely the most comfortable combo on Earth).

11. She finds different uses for pieces.

This sheer blouse has tons of ways to be worn and definitely works in her outfit as a layering piece.

12. A t-shirt and jeans doesn’t have to be simple.

By tucking in her V-neck shirt, adding a graphic clutch, and throwing on some cool shoes, she adds some of her personality to the overall feeling of the outfit.

13. Throwing in some “boyish” pieces adds some edge.

A baseball hat or a structured coat gives an undeniable girl crush charm to her look.

14. Combining basics sometimes makes the least basic outfit.

With a cozy cardigan, plain V-neck shirt, and skinny jeans, you can create the ultimate go-to look that’s just cute enough.

15. She picks a focal point.

She showcases this denim jacket as the main feature of her outfit by pairing it with a solid black look.