TWICE’s Jeongyeon Says She Will Never Cut Her Hair Short Again — Here Are 10+ Moments Reminiscing The Iconic Look

We will miss #5 dearly.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon once told fans she would never go back to the iconic short haircut she had during her debut…and everyone is going to miss it. Let’s remember some of her best moments with the short ‘do!

Jeongyeon tells it like it is. | Naver Chat

I will never do a short haircut (again) lol

— Jeongyeon

1. Effortlessly chic on stage

Even brushing her hair back was enough to make her look super cool.

2. Innocent and pure at fansigns

Her cute expressions match the innocent look.

3. Turning every photo into a photoshoot

Seriously, who candidly looks this good?!

4. Slaying actual photoshoots

She knows how to work the camera.

5. Rocking a sporty look

Her tomboyish cut matched perfectly with their athletic clothes concept.

6. Unique makeup

The haircut would turn chic when paired with under-eye gems and a neon lip.

7. Total girl crush material

Nobody will ever forget this moment of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

8. Classy in black

With a lace choker and black blazer, she went from cool girl to total boss!

9. This moment

It’s impossible to not fall for her.

10. The iconic silver hair

Jeongyeon killed this look.

11. At the Idol Star Athletic Championships

Youthful, cute, sporty, girly — She exuded every kind of vibe!

12. Better than your boy group

Can your oppa do this?

13. Being the gift to the world she is

She’s on ONCE’s Christmas lists…every year.

14. Struggling cutely

Everything she does is just precious.

15. Rocking a baseball cap

Short hair + Baseball cap = Perfection!