15+ Times TWICE’s Jihyo Looked Like An Actual Angel In All White

WARNING: #5 will totally make you fall for her.

In case you weren’t already convinced that TWICE’s Jihyo is heaven-sent, check out these 15+ times she looked elegant, ethereal, and absolutely beautiful in white.

1. Jihyo, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

2. She’s seriously a doll.

3. White makes her tan skin pop.

4. Beautiful visuals and a flawless figure!

5. She’s so elegant.

6. A cherub.

7. Try not to imagine marrying her. Oops.

8. Even in casual clothes, she still gives angelic vibes.

9. Seriously, is this smile a gift from above?

10. She slays this look.

11. She makes a basic white shirt look hella glam.

12. BRB, crying from Jihyo’s ethereal beauty.

13. With this dress, all she needs is wings.

14. Even in the airport, her beauty makes her stand out.

15. This pinstripe blazer and shorts set is EVERYTHING.

16. How can you not fall for her charms?

17. UwU.

18. Eye contact with Jihyo = Deadly. 💖