5 Reasons Why TWICE’s Jihyo Is One Of The Greatest Idols Of This Generation

She’s got it all ❤️

TWICE‘s Jihyo isn’t nicknamed “God Jihyo” for no reason!

Whether it’s performing on stage or taking care of her members, nobody can deny how incredible she is as a person. Here are 5 reasons why she is one of the best idols this generation has ever seen!

1. She’s a wonderful singer.

Starting with the obvious—Jihyo is an extremely talented singer. She can belt out high notes like they’re nothing, and her vocals are always so stable and reliable.

Nothing beats listening to her beautiful voice after a long day!

2. She’s a skilled dancer.

There are few main vocalists who can proudly say they’re also great dancers, and Jihyo is one of them! Not only can she simultaneously sing and dance, she does so without a hitch.

3. She overflows with charisma.

Jihyo was undeniably born to be on stage. Her charisma practically overflows each time she performs, making it difficult to look away from her.

It’s not just on stage, however, because her charisma is evident in everything she does—including modeling for photoshoots and acting in front of a camera. Don’t even get started on her stunning visuals!

4. She’s a respected leader.

With an astonishing ten years of training experience under her belt, it’s no wonder Jihyo is a fantastic leader. Her strong sense of leadership and her drive to always do well mean she has never disappointed as TWICE’s leader. Without a doubt, her members made the right choice to pick her!

She takes care of them like they’re her family while still responsibly directing the group to where they need to be.

5. She’s genuinely kindhearted.

Fame hasn’t diminished Jihyo’s kindness one bit! The Jihyo that fans know and love is a selfless person who cares for many people. When it comes to her members, for example, she makes sure that they’re all doing well.

K-Pop is lucky to have a star like Jihyo!