10+ Ridiculously Hot GIFs Of TWICE’s God Jihyo That Will Remind You Why That’s Her Nickname

The first one will make you think “She’s really built like that, huh?”

TWICE’s Jihyo is beautiful from head-to-toe. Admire her gorgeous visuals and sexy physique in these 10+ GIFs that are sure to make you swerve into her lane (if you’re not already there).

1. Hottie with a body.

2. This will make you say “Step on me.”

3. Red is definitely her color.

4. Yaaaaasss.

5. WARNING: This look is absolutely lethal.

6. She knows she’s hot.

7. The master of the “cutie sexy” concept!

8. Excuse me, Jihyo. Your “Queen” is showing.

9. Her expressions. 😍

10. Your heart might flutter.

11. Oof.

12. She owns this haircut.

13. Half adorable, half sexy: All Jihyo.

14. Her legs are a work of art.

15. This girl is on fiiiiiire.