7 Times TWICE Tested Maknae Line’s Patience

Poor Dahyun didn’t deserve #5.

The girls of TWICE have a very entertaining dynamic: The unnie line, or older girls, enjoy teasing the maknae line, or younger girls. Sadly, there isn’t much the maknae line can do in retaliation since they’re younger. At least it makes for some iconic moments that everyone can laugh about.

1. Tzuyu’s cooking broadcast…alone.

Tzuyu was excited to announce her cooking broadcast that she had promised to fans.

But when she asked for participants… Don’t all jump up at once, now.

The unnie line really has to rub salt in the wound by saying it’s her solo material. Ouch.

2. The mystery jumpscare.

What seems like a normal broadcast with fans turns into a slasher film, suddenly…

The girls are terrified, and start looking outside to find the perpetrator.

They can barely see the silhouette of leader Jihyo!

The girls even give some TMI at how scared they were. Poor maknae line.

3. Dahyun’s wiggly legs.

They weren’t afraid to expose her silly dance to fans.

Dahyun covered her face with her own hair in embarassment.

4. Tzuyu’s luggage situation.

The girls poke fun at Tzuyu’s forgetfulness, but she has some facts to back herself up.


Apparently, her forgetting things is a regular event. The older girls show her no mercy.

5. “Pig” Dahyun who is trying to just eat in peace.

After calling her a pig, she has no choice to but to just smile.

6. Chaeyoung is most definitely aging forwards.

After a fanmeeting, Jeongyeon is not afraid to roast Chaeyoung for her word choice.

The older girls aren’t afraid to call it like they see it.


7. Dahyun needs coffee, not this.

Sana’s silly at any hour of the day…



…And Dahyun endures it like a pro.

Source: YouTube