Here’s Who TWICE Would Be In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, According To The Members

Do you agree with their choices?

If TWICE were characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who would they be?

In a past interview with 1theK, the members assigned a character to each other, and they were spot on! Check out their answers below.

1. Tzuyu

Jihyo chose Hulk for Tzuyu…

…and she happily accepted it, pretending to give a mighty punch like the actual character!

2. Mina

Next, Jihyo saw that Mina would be perfect as Dr. Strange.

3. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung, on the other hand, would make a great Spiderman!

4. Dahyun

Unlike the other members, Dahyun was given a very different character—the cute and fierce Rocket Raccoon. Based on her reaction, she didn’t seem to agree!

5. Sana

On the other hand, Nayeon chose Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, for Sana.

6. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon was chosen to be Hawkeye, possibly because of her calm and cool attitude.

7. Momo

Nayeon assigned the role of Black Widow to Momo.

8. Nayeon

As for Nayeon herself, she begged to be Iron Man—her favorite Marvel character—and Jihyo allowed it.

9. Jihyo

Last but not the least, Jihyo picked Thor for herself.

Do you agree with TWICE’s choices for each other?

Dahyun was assigned the role of Rocket Raccoon | CBR

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