9 Times Each TWICE Member Looked Crazy Stunning In A Sleeveless Top

All eyes were on them!

TWICE doesn’t wear sleeveless clothing in their everyday fashion very often. On the rare occasion that they do, they look stunning!

TWICE’s Sana in a sleeveless top

Check out how each member styled their sleeveless tops below.

1. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung looks unbelievable in this outfit! From her shades to her denim shorts, it’s difficult to look away from her.

2. Nayeon

Here, Nayeon paired a black top with a black cap, which has a fun pop of color.

3. Jihyo

Keeping it feminine and cute, Jihyo’s airport fashion includes a lovely sleeveless top with frills at the bottom.

4. Jeongyeon

Talk about girl crush! Jeongyeon looks ever so cool in this striped top with a sheer shirt layered over it.

5. Mina

Mina looks as beautiful as ever in this white sleeveless top and light blue mini skirt.

6. Momo

Momo’s casual fashion is to die for! She stunned in a simple crop top and an adorable printed bag.

7. Dahyun

This outfit is perfect for the beach. The tie detail in the back is an eye-catcher for sure.

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8. Tzuyu

Tzuyu’s white sleeveless top matches well with her blue skirt.

9. Sana

Last but not the least, Sana looks crazy gorgeous in this outfit! Simple yet sensual, she pulls it off like no other.

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