10+ Times TWICE Members Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

TWICE has a rare quality – the ability to go viral for unexpected reasons!

When JYP was choosing TWICE members on the reality show SIXTEEN, he admitted that there were some other candidates that were stronger singers or dancers, but that the members he chose would all compliment each other and provide something the others wouldn’t. He said they all had something that you couldn’t learn – the ability to take over the stage. TWICE’s charm is now legendary, thanks to their ability to go viral – and for things you wouldn’t expect!


1. Sana’s “sha sha sha”

During “Cheer Up”, Sana took it upon herself to change the lyrics of “shy shy shy” and the result went instantly viral.


2. Tzuyu’s elegant arrow shot

During the Idol Sports Athletics Championships, Tzuyu shot an arrow that just happened to flip her hair over her shoulder – and she looked so elegant and graceful that it was plastered all over the internet.


3. Nayeon is “good to date~”

Nayeon‘s description of herself as the Pokemon character Squirtle went viral because it drew attention to her bunny teeth, which fans began to celebrate. Not only that, but she said she would be a good girl to date, and fans loved that description, too.


4. Dahyun’s eagle dance

Dahyun‘s pre-debut church dance features some embarrassing moves, but rather than being ridiculed for it, when the video surfaced everyone couldn’t get enough of how cute her “eagle dance” was!


5. Mina’s diamond tears

Mina is one of the most emotional members of TWICE, and GIFs of her tears went viral, called “diamond tears”, because her eyes sparkle like diamonds and she looks so pretty.


6. Sana’s Harry Potter geekiness

When a fan compared Sana to Harry Potter, she screamed and said thank you, and her cute joy went viral.


7. Momo’s “Pink Lamborghini”

This clip of Momo singing “Pink Lamborghini” on SIXTEEN went viral for unknown reasons – maybe because in the first episode of TWICE TV, Jihyo did an impression of Momo saying that line (badly), or because the way Momo sings it is so different to her personality. Either way, the two words made her popularity jump!


8. Dahyun’s sixth sense

When it was discovered that Dahyun can find a camera no matter where it is, she went viral with fans finding proof that she really does have a superhuman ability!


9. Jeongyeon’s aegyo

Jeongyeon is known for being TWICE’s protector and motherly figure, but she proved she can also be an aegyo queen as well! Her special move is so cute, even her fellow members have tried it!


10. Dahyun sliding

Dahyun turned up at a ceremonial baseball game to throw a ball but instead requested to slide onto the pitch because of the rain – and also managed to get thousands of comments and shares.


11. Sana’s “cheese kimbap”

Sana’s cute way of saying “cheese kimbap” went viral unexpectedly when TWICE played a game on Knowing Bros.


12. Jihyo upstaged BTS’s Jimin

Jihyo stole the spotlight from Jimin at an awards ceremony when these pictures were taken. BTS fans saw the footage and instantly became curious about who Jihyo was because she was so beautiful. Just for smiling and dancing to the music!


13. Sana’s “pangpakapan”

Sana was just trying to explain a cute moment in TWICE’s “Wake Me Up” choreography, but her cute way of explaining it had her going viral yet again!


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