TWICE’s Mina Can Play Both The Queen And The Princess – 20 GIFs That Prove Her Duality

Which side of Mina do you like more?

We all know that TWICE’s Mina is basically a queen! But netizens have recently been shining a spotlight on her amazing duality. So which does it for you? Mina as what Korean netizens are calling “princess of a ruined country” or “stereotypical movie villainess”?

1. Your high school teen flick’s villain

It’s the ribbon hairpiece for us.

| theqoo 

2. Office baddie

If you ever had an arch-nemisis in the office…

| theqoo

3. Powerful queen

You might not want to get on her bad side.

| theqoo

4. Scorned woman

Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned.

| theqoo

5. Haughty…

…but deserved. We’d love to be Mina.

| theqoo 

6. Dark gaze

Her eyes are seriously a national treasure.

| theqoo

7. “Legally Blonde”

The pink tweed suit reminds us of that fantastic movie.

| theqoo 

8. She owns us

We volunteer as tribute.

| theqoo

9. Who needs to be a princess…

…when you can be a badass queen?

| theqoo 

10. What Mina wants…

…Mina gets.

| theqoo

On the flipside, Mina plays the role of a delicate, melancholic princess all too well.

11. Black swan

She looked effortlessly graceful here.

| theqoo 

12. Secret garden

With blonde hair and a bunch of flowers, she looks like a European princess.

| theqoo

13. Mina and flowers

A winning combination!

| theqoo 

14. Shining bright

She looks so gorgeous here.

| theqoo 

15. Some magic

The moving shadow adds an air of mystery.

| theqoo 

16. Emotional

Don’t cry, Mina!

| theqoo

17. Innocent gaze

How does she pull off both looks so effortlessly?

| theqoo 

18. Delicate flower

The hat suits her aura perfectly.

| theqoo 

19. What is she thinking about?

Penny for your thoughts?

| theqoo

20. Diamond tears


| theqoo

Which side of Mina do you prefer? But why choose when she can deliver it all and more!

Source: theqoo