10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Looked Like The Coolest CEO In The Entire World

We’d work for her any day 😍

TWICE‘s Mina may be in one of the most popular groups in the world, but she could easily be mistaken as the CEO of a big company! Her chic sense of style and cool charisma at all times of the day are only a few reasons why fans think so.

See for yourself in the pictures below.

1. Monochromatic Outfit

You’d never guess that Mina is an idol based on this picture alone! Wearing a navy top and bottom, she could be seen as the reigning beauty of the office.

| JYP Entertainment

2. Crossed Arms

Here, she looks as if she’s leading an important meeting.

3. Chaebol Vibes

Nothing screams chaebol more than the way Mina carries herself in this picture.

4. Black Blazer

Mina layered a black blazer over a gray sweater, and never has she looked more classy!

5. Fierce Expression

With a fierce and serious expression on her face, Mina gives off the impression that she is a CEO you should never mess with.

6. Business Casual

Mina balanced this outfit by pairing it with ripped jeans, and it looks amazing.

7. Hair Flip

Who else can’t get enough of the chic way she runs a hand over her hair and carries her bag over the crook of an arm?

8. Fur Coat

Once again, this picture screams “rich” and “chaebol” through and through!

9. Pastel Blue Blazer

This CEO knows how to play with color, and boy does it suit her.

10. Patterned Coat

Mina’s elegance shines brightly here with her curled hair, patterned coat, and adorable bow.

11. “Time To TWICE”

Last but not the least, Mina played the role of a boss in an episode of “TIME TO TWICE,” and she killed it. She’s one CEO we’d all love to work with!

| @TWICE/YouTube


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