4 Times TWICE’s Mina Perfectly Embodied A Scary Yet Charismatic Boss In “TIME TO TWICE”

All hail department manager Mina 🙇

As the reigning director of TDOONG Entertainment, TWICE‘s Mina has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. It could explain why she’s always so cool and collected that it’s hard to take your eyes off her!

Here are four of her most iconic scenes in this week’s episode of TIME TO TWICE‘s “TDOONG Entertainment!”

1. When she walked to her chair

Mina’s powerful yet graceful walk to her seat is iconic in and of itself.

2. When Momo unintentionally offended her

Momo‘s character was someone highly concerned with hygiene, so she immediately began spraying the room with alcohol when she entered.

Understandably, Mina was rather surprised and insulted by her actions: “Are you implying that we’re dirty?

3. When she didn’t care that Sana was the CEO’s daughter

For Sana‘s self-introduction, she revealed that she is the daughter of the company’s CEO.

Hilariously, Mina was the only interviewer who didn’t seem to care!

4. When Momo wanted her position

The interviewees were asked where they see themselves in ten years, and Momo struck again when she revealed her desire to take Mina’s position in the company!

I have an answer. Director Mina’s position.

— Momo

That was the last straw for Mina! Not only did she tell Momo to “get out”…

…she also failed her in the post-interview evaluations, adding, “You have no idea how I got here.

Catch more of cool and collected Mina in the full episode below!

Source: TWICE