TWICE’s Sana Acted As A CEO’s Spoiled Daughter—Here Are Her 5 Funniest Scenes

Careful, Sana’s chaebol dad has her back 😂

In Episode 2 of TIME TO TWICE‘s “TDOONG Entertainment,” the TWICE members played their roles so perfectly that they completely immersed themselves in their characters! A particularly memorable performance came from Sana who played the role of the daughter of TDOONG Group’s powerful CEO.

Playing a spoiled (but hilarious!) character, Sana didn’t disappoint with her witty lines and apt gestures. Check out her 5 funniest scenes below!

1. When she and Jihyo struck a sneaky deal

The moment Sana and Jihyo were left alone before the interview, Jihyo took the opportunity to curry favor with Sana.

Jihyo requested that Sana tell her father about her: “Can you give your father a word about me?

Sana replied, “Should I?

Strengthening her case, Jihyo noted that they would work together often if they were to both get in: “If we both get in, we’d be in the same class of new staff.

2. When she introduced herself

Unlike the other interviewees, Sana’s self-introduction was extremely short.

I don’t need to say much. I’m the daughter of TDOONG Group.

— Sana

3. When she answered a question

When asked what she would do if she has to work overtime, Sana accurately embodied the role of a spoiled, daddy’s girl.

Call my dad? And tell him I can’t do it?

— Sana

4. When she tried to bribe the interviewers

Sana made sure to play her cards right by bribing the interviewers!

If you have some hardships, I’ll tell my dad to get you out of it.

— Sana

5. When she threatened the interviewers behind their backs

Unfortunately for Sana, she wasn’t hired. In disappointment, she revealed her plans to rat out to her dad. “I’ll tell my dad on all of you.

Watch the hilarious episode below!

Source: TWICE