TWICE Pick Their Favorite Emojis Of All Time, And They’re A Perfect Match

The emojis look just like them!

Emojis are incredibly useful when you want to express your feelings through chat in a more visual and fun way. Like many of us, TWICE also uses one emoji the most. Check out the favorites of Mina, Nayeon, and Chaeyoung below!

1. Mina

According to Mina, her most used emoji is the one with an unamused, pouting expression. Her members immediately agreed with her, saying, “True, true.

Unamused face emoji | @MKMemo1111/Pinterest

If an emoji were a person, it’d probably be Mina!

| @MYMINAvn/Facebook

2. Nayeon

Next, Nayeon said she frequently uses the emoji with furrowed eyebrows and a broad frown.

Weary face emoji | What Emoji

Let’s be real, Nayeon can pull off the exact same expression like it’s nobody’s business.

3. Chaeyoung

Last but not the least, Chaeyoung chose the white heart emoji as her favorite.

White heart emoji | International News Agency

It’s pure and pretty, just like she is!

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Source: YouTube


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